Doing what you say you’re going to do is an element of all successful people.

I know I was born to be a planner for a few reasons.

  1. I love taking someone’s thoughts and dreams and turning them into a reality.
  2. I am extremely organized, pay attention to details and I believe I am easy to work with.
  3. Most important, I do what I say I am going to do. I make daily TO DO lists and I stick to them. I prioritize what needs to get done first and what can wait.

This weekend I have been working on increasing my online presence, a lot of marketing companies have reached out and want to help me get started but will charge me an arm and a leg to do so. As I mentioned before, I am frugal and savvy so no way am I paying for a company to do something I can handle on my own. It certainly will take more effort and time but I have both of those! Starting a new business is hard, getting the word out is also hard, but that won’t stop me. I said I was doing this and I haven’t changed my mind.

For example, just this morning I was on a call with google business and they helped me get set up, after that I set up a business account on Yelp & a similar account on Linked In. (All three checked off on my list!)

I am obviously also attaching all three here so you can go and like them! Come on people I am trying to grow my business over here!

Linked In


Google Business

The moral of my post and one of the main reasons I started this business is because I wasn’t happy working under people who never did what they said they would. I promise you I will not be one of those people. If I say I will email a list of vendors, I will do it. If I say I will call to confirm the florist delivery and DJ, I will do that. I do realize that most event planners need to be organized and do what they say they will do but I am writing it out for you all, on the world wide web. My job is to plan one of if not the most important day of your life, so I will do what I say. 

Contact me today & let me prove it to you!

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