Life is too short to say no to wedding cake!

If your looking for a wedding cake, then I have the place for you!
Coming from a girl with a HUGE sweet tooth, I have nothing but amazing things to say about Jenny Layne and her cakes and baked goods! As a wedding planner I had seen her name around but never got to taste anything..until a few days ago. This past Saturday Jenny provided a delicious dessert spread for Taste for a Cause. There was everything from cookies and cupcakes to cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries. Jenny also had a gorgeous wedding cake up for display. How can one pick between all these delicious sweets? I used the good ole eenie meenie miney mo method and ended up with a cookie. I am thankful my boyfriend choose a cupcake and we could share. #sharingiscaring
Taste for a Cause was one of The Denton County Friends of the Family’s annual events to raise awareness and funds for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. So not only is Jenny a master wedding cake conasueier, she is someone who gives back to the community. If that doesn’t seal the deal for you than maybe these pics will! See more of her portfolio here.




Jenny has been making wedding cakes for 13 years.  Her passion lies in the art of food and creating an edible masterpiece to display at celebratory events.  She loves color, abstract, challenging, and structurally different cakes.  She works with a team of professionals who all love their job, and find making cakes a creative outlet.  Jenny decided to open her business when she saw a need for custom design cakes at a reasonable price.  She started her bakery immediately following her graduation from college.  It’s all she has ever done, and is what she loves to do everyday still.
Not into cake? How about this yummy looking donut wall? Check out her website here to see all that she has to offer. **Spoiler alert** She has pretty much everything!

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