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Keep scrolling for the wonderful and informative wedding day photography scoop from Jennifer with JL Glamour Photography. I did not write this blog but wanted to share! You can see the original blog at Jennifer’s website here!

Y’all wedding photography is so important and isn’t something that you can re-do. I have to share this blog post from one of my vendor friends & photographer extraordinaire Jennifer Wax  as she dives deep into wedding details. As a wedding planner, currently planning her own wedding the details shoots are some of my favorite and as I was searching for photographers, those are the shots that stood out the most to me. I love the creativity of the dress hanging from the venue doorframe or the incorporation of your wedding day perfume into the pictures.

Wedding Details | Texas Weddings

My favorite part of doing weddings are all the amazing details images I get to capture. However, most of my brides don’t understand how they happen or what they need to provide so that I can achieve them. So today you will see examples and get some great pointers on how to prepare for the perfect images.


To start, what are detail images? They are the style images of all the tiny details that makes up the bride and the special items in her life. It ranges from her shoes and perfume, to the full invitation suite that marks her special day.

Before each wedding, I send out a detail guide that explains the items I suggest having and then some extra ideas in case you need a little more inspiration. I ask that you have them ready to go as soon as I arrive on your magical day, so that I can get started right away. I typically spend about 30-45 minutes styling all of the items to make sure each item is captured. I also add in some of my own styling items, like silk ribbons and velvet ring boxes, to help add a little extra to the feel. If I can get extra flowers from the florist, I love adding them to the styling, if not then I use the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere to add in that flowery and greeny look.


After all the styling is done, I move to the bride’s dress. It is one of the must have shots on all my bride’s shot list. I fine a location that is either outside or inside that has a great back drop and a place to hang the dress from (I do carry a pretty command hook if I need it). I get a few different angles of the dress and then I take it back to the bride for it to be tucked away until she is ready to get dressed. To make the dress images stand out from other weddings, I encourage the bride to get a custom hanger with her new last name on it or something similar to that.

By the time all of the detail images are done, the bride is ready to get in her dress and walk down the aisle.


Below is a list of some of the best items to have for detail shots.

Bridal Gown







All Rings

Invitation Suite



Bridesmaid Dresses

Extra Floral Pieces


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