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Dessert Table Wedding Ideas

September 13, 2023

A Sweet Success: Dessert Table Wedding Ideas

When it comes to wedding receptions, one trend that has been on going for a while is Dessert Tables. Having mini sweets, donuts, cupcakes and so much more has captured the hearts and the tastebuds of so many wedding guests! It is a must have at a wedding if you have a sweet tooth and is becoming even more popular than traditional wedding cake. See why our team is a fan below:

Appeals to a large variety of taste buds

Having a few different various desserts allows guests to pick and choose what they want, instead of just opting for one item. One guest might want a chocolate brownie while the other choices a key time tart.

Feast for the eyes

Various desserts fill up your wedding table! Different tiered platters and stands like the below picture looks so eye catching before anyone even dives into the desserts.

Interactive Dessert Station

We had one couple create a ‘cookie table’ and it was a huge hit! All the guests were able to head up and grab one (or 5) mini cookies. The couple was Italian and Mexican so most of the cookies were ones they both had growing up. It was so special but also so fun for the guests.

Dessert Table Wedding Ideas


A few things to consider when having a dessert table:

Consider your guest count

Depending on how many guests you are having and how big or small the desserts are, taking into account the number of desserts will help with budget and planning as well. If you have mini cupcakes it is safe to allocate two per person but if you have an entire donut, one per person will do just fine.

Planner Tip: Keep in mind, not every single guest will get dessert. The ones that do want 2 (or more) usually make up for those guests who pass on dessert.

Don’t forget the classics

We see (& taste) a lot of desserts. We love them all but oftentimes items like Chocolate Chip Cookies tend to be the most popular. We suggest a variety of desserts anywhere between 3 to 5, however you want to pick desserts that appeal to a wide audience.

Dessert Table Wedding Ideas

Incorporate the couple

We LOVE when our couples less us be creative and come up with fun ideas to incorporate them! Check out this volleyball cake for a groom who loved to play. Pets involved in the cake decorating process is becoming a huge hit too! Don’t forget to tie in a little bit of each of you into the dessert table too!

Dessert Table Wedding Ideas

Don’t forget signs and labels

We suggest printed labels, signs inside a photo frame or something that lets guests know what each dessert contains. If you have guests with nut allergies or are gluten free they will need to know which desserts they can and can’t have.

Go ahead and indulge in the planning process and we are here when you are ready! In the meantime as one of our baker friends, Heavenly Taylored Sweets says, Have yourself a Sweet Life!

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